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Long waterproof protection ideal for furniture, kitchen surfaces and floors against paint spills, dirt and dust.
A dust sheet is a large cloth which is used to cover objects such as furniture in order to protect them from dust
Stockinette Roll is a very absorbent lint free cloth roll used to apply wax and for buffing up the wax, also ideal for applying spirit and water based stains etc, an essential must have item if using wax polish and wood stains.
Two types of wiping products are available, tack rags; wipes impregnated with resin to eliminate dust, and solvent and polishing cloths; dry cloths to eliminate polish residues to maintain clean tools for painting.
Calico bags are made from 100% cotton, they are natural and environmentally friendly - they are durable, washable and reusable! We have a great range of Calico Bags including small to large drawstring calico bags, two handles calico bags as well as shoulder strap calico bags
Cheesecloth is made from quality cotton, soft, durable and washable, ensure long time of usage, no dyed or bleached; There is no color will dye over the cheese, yogurt, turkey or any other foods