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Cheese cloth

Product Information

Cheesecloth is made from quality cotton, soft, durable and washable, ensure long time of usage, no dyed or bleached; There is no color will dye over the cheese, yogurt, turkey or any other foods
  • Products Cheese cloth
  • Category: Cotton, Linen
  • Size 44 x 36
  • Color White

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About Product

  • High quality material: made of 100% unbleached cotton cloth, natural non-bleached food grade cotton, natural cotton, safe and environmental protection, soft surface, comfortable feel, durable, mesh cloth surface permeability is very good, not easy to tear, high temperature resistance, good water absorption, can be used for a long time
  • Color: the color of filter cloth is a pure natural color without any added pigment and material, can be used in warm water washing many times, quick cleaning in a few minutes with good permeability; it can quickly dry, when you use it to filter milk, fruit and cheese, it can clearly distinguish crumbs
  • Package: the package includes 2 pieces of high quality cotton filter cloth, 40 x 40 cm/15.74 x 15.74 inches in size, which is moderate; you can also cut the plain cloth into various sizes according to your needs, making it ideal for filtering debris and other impurities
  • Easy to clean: this cotton cloth has a good air permeability and is easy to dry; when you clean it, rinse the used area with water and put in an appropriate amount of detergent, and rub for a few minutes to clean it quickly
  • Widely used: filter cotton gauze can be used in many places, not only can be used to filter cheese, milk, soy milk, wine, etc., but also can be used as kitchen cleaning cloth; in addition, the cotton cloth size can be freely changed and cut, so if you want to cut the size you want, can be done by DIY