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Paint Brush

Product Information

A paintbrush is a brush used to apply paint or sometimes ink. A paintbrush is usually made by clamping the bristles to a handle with a ferrule. They are available in various sizes, shapes, and materials. Thicker ones are used for filling in, and thinner ones are used for details.
  • Products Paint Brush
  • Category: Cotton, Rayon
  • Filament Duefont,Synthatie,Bristel
  • handle Wooden and Plastic
  • Size 0.5 inch to 6 inch

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Paint Brushes

About Product

  • CLEARANCE . PAINT BRUSH SET DECORATING: Our paint brushes are made of synthetic bristles and lightweight handles. The paintbrush handle offers a comfortable grip that doesn’t tire out your hands. Engineered to ensure an optimum balance of paint pick up and release for even coating and a clean finish. Exceptional ability to get the job done quickly.
  • ALL-PURPOSED BRUSHES SET: Great utility brushes for all paints, gloss paint, stains, varnish, acrylic, & gesso. Get good results on walls, trims, ceilings, cabinets, desks, doors, fences, decks, touch-ups, and arts and crafts. Our brushes are designed to hold more paint to save you time and give you the finish you are looking for. Filaments are durable and long-lasting and an all-around great for a house paint brush, a trim paint brush, and paint brushes set with lightweight beavertail handles.
  • SMOOTH PAINT & ANYONE CAN USE: It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or a beginner, these brushes are great for any user and they are great paint brushes for walls and paint brushes for decorating. Beaver-tail handles provide an ease of use experience and the bristles are suitable for all types of paints. These affordable paint brushes set are easy to clean, super easy to hold with the super lightweight handles that provides extra comfort for long tedious jobs.